On our staff training Kelly, from Stokesley, said:

'It was a very enjoyable experience. Sense of humour goes a long way making something that could be dull more inclusive and engaging.'

'The course from start to finish was informative, and the involvement in watching/doing things allows and alternate scenarios helped clear up any confusion and, as a kinaesthetic learner, is the best way for me to learn.'

'Overall the day was informative and I felt like I learned a lot, and could put much of that into practice'

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Our Office is based in Gateshead yet our trainers deliver courses anywhere mainland Britain (sorry Northern Ireland, maybe some day).

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Jason, Private sector services

'Trainer made sure the group understood all the points before moving on. He kept the session entertaining but informative throughout the whole day. I felt like I learned a lot and am confident I could recreate what we learned in a real life scenario'

Max, North Yorkshire, Services

'I thought the course was delivered well, was easy to digest and engaged us all in the practical use of first aid.'

'I would happily take the course with you again'

Adrian, London, Healthcare sector

'A big thank you for delivering such a good course at short notice. We gained a great deal from the course.'

'We have passed the review stage of CQC registration'

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