Moving and Handling Equipment


Slings and slide sheets

We provide slings and slide sheets manufactured by Care-ability. The range varies from traditional to specialised, custom made equipment. It includes all types of slings, slide sheets, low friction boards, and many more. See below for examples or download a list of available products. Need a quick replacement? Don't worry, we got it covered!


We can provide all types of hoists including fitted celling (overhead) hoist. To make sure we provide you with the best product each order is customised. Please call 07341 297 038 for more details.

Size and measurements

For guidance and measurements please download attached pdf documents. Please note that this is standardised measurement and a further guidance based on the individual needs may be required.

CA300 Universal Lifestyle Sling

There is a video demonstration and face-to-face training available to you of how to apply each sling and other products

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